COVID 19 Safety Protocols

Safety is our primary concern!

Keeping the current pandemic in mind, we have implemented all the improved infection control protocols beyond and above the stringent clinic policies. We have generated the new patient flows to adhere to the physical distancing guidelines and procured the essential protective equipment to keep our patients and team members safe.

Our team will contact you to reschedule the missed appointments. If you do not have an appointment and you’d like to book one, please give us a call right away, and we’ll be more than happy to serve you with dental care.

Before you plan your visit to our clinic, be assured of the safety protocols we keep in mind to give you a happy and safe visit. Here are all the changes we have made keeping this pandemic in our minds. 

Patient Screening

Patient Screening

A day before your scheduled appointment, we will give you a call for “Pre-appointment Screening” purposes to determine the COVID-19 symptoms before your arrivals.

Patient Protection Station

Patient Protection

We have added a patient protection station at the entrance, including the face masks and sanitizers for the patients. After each appointment, we’ll disinfect and sterilize the surfaces and all the operating instruments.

Interaction Limits

Interaction Confinements

Keeping the interaction confinements in mind, we will ask you to wait in your vehicles or outside the clinic until we call you for evaluation purposes. At the reception area, we have installed the glass barriers and “stand here” marks on the ground to maintain the physical distancing.

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing

In the waiting room, we ensure the sitting arrangement to be 2 meters, i. e. 6 feet apart from the others. The waiting room’s surface cleaning is done on a priority basis before the next slot comes in.

Your Comfort Is Our Concern

Your comfort is our primary concern.

At any time, if you are skeptical about the new protocols, feel free to ask about the whole procedure. We will guide you in the best manner we can.

Staff monitoring addition to the new safety protocols, we will continuously monitor the symptoms of our staff. If any of them is found with mild or any symptoms, we will mandatorily quarantine them for fourteen days.

As we continue to scrutinize the above protocols to ensure effectiveness, we will keep you updated with any modifications. If there are any changes in the protocols, we need to reschedule your dental checkup and contact you directly.

You are also advised to keep checking your emails or our website for the updated notifications.

In case you have an urgent need, please reach us through calls.

Staff Monitoring

Please Note:

Our hours may fluctuate as we adapt the schedule for new safety protocols.

Tooth Buds Dentistry strives to provide you with the dental care you require in a comfortable, safe, and welcoming environment.

We hope to see you soon!!

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