Checkup and Oral Cancer Screening

Checkup and Oral Cancer Screening

Meeting a dentist now means no dental problems later. Acquire oral dental screening services from Tooth Buds Dentistry’s excellent dental care experts.

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Oral cancer screening is a routine examination process performed by dental experts referring to precancerous conditions in the mouth and an early warning concerning the disease. Early detections can help in oral cancer treatment in a better way. Isn’t it great? Indeed. But when was the last time you got your routine check-up done? Not recent, right. Acquire the oral cancer screening services from Tooth buds dentistry and get assured of no dental issues later.

Ulcers in the mouth, soreness for more than two weeks, red or white patches on the tongue, Lumps in the mouth or throat, numbness or pain in the mouth, the sensation of something stuck in the throat, and several other symptoms signifies the probability of suffering from oral cancers. If you are experiencing any of them, connect now for oral screening consultations.

Are you at risk?

Oral cancer screenings performed once a year can help identify it at an early stage. Figuring the risks is intricate, but a few signs summarize of you getting prone to it:

  • Family History:

    If you have a family history of oral cancers, then you are more likely to get diagnosed with the same.

  • Diseases:

    You are at a higher risk of oral cancer if you are diagnosed with HPV.

  • Excessive sun exposure:

    You will be at higher risk if you have excessive sun exposure, especially skin cancer.

  • Lifestyle:

    Smokers and heavy drinkers probably get diagnosed with oral cancers than those who do not smoke or drink.

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