Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal treatment, popularly known as RCT, is done to a decayed tooth due to extensive bacteria development. The dental expert will remove the infected pulp area and put essential suitable material within the region. However, the material will be biodegradable that properly suits the dental area. Successful root canal treatment in Orangeville allows you to keep your natural tooth rather than losing your teeth.

RCT is done to the teeth with deep decay, cracked teeth, gum diseases, failed dental fillings, or the teeth that suffered trauma. RCT is a multi-step procedure comprising the removal of inflamed and infected pulp, cleaning root canals and disinfecting them, filling the roots with an inert material and sealing them, and a post root canal cap. Contact us now to get the consultations

Signs that you need a Root Canal

Figuring out whether you need a root canal treatment is intricate. Are you experiencing any of the below-mentioned symptoms? Contact the root canal specialist now.

  • Mild to severe tooth pain:

    Toothache is one of the common reasons you need to visit a dentist. The toothache ranging from mild to severe can be a common symptom.

  • Sensitivity:

    The exposure of dentin and pulp layers can lead to sensitivity to several foods and a sign that you need a root canal.

  • Swollen and tender gums:

    The swollen and tendering of gums can also indicate that you need to visit dental care to get your teeth checked.

Illustration of the six stages of root canal treatment
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