Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

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Dentistry That Makes You Smile: Root Canal Treatment Orangeville

One of the most common oral health dental procedures is a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment (or Root Canal Therapy), popularly known as RCT, is an endodontic treatment done to an infected tooth due to extensive bacteria development.

A root canal procedure is meant to prevent more harm to your natural teeth and fix tooth decay. It is a fairly straightforward medical procedure and is meant to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. Typically, a standard root canal procedure will take 30 to 60 minutes.

Before a root canal treatment, professional dentists take x-rays of the gums, roots, and teeth around the infected area to determine their next steps. Then, dentists will use a local anesthetic on patients to numb the area around the infection.

After the patient is ready for the root canal treatment, dentists will remove the infected pulp area and put essential suitable material, usually a sealant called gutta percha, within the region. However, the material will be a biodegradable substance that properly suits the dental area.

Successful root canal treatment in Orangeville allows you to keep your natural tooth after infection rather than losing your teeth.

As well, a successful root canal treatment paired with proper care will maintain the natural look of your teeth.

Root canal therapy is done to natural teeth with deep decay, cracked teeth, gum diseases, a failed dental implant, or teeth that suffered trauma.

A root canal treatment is a multi-step dental or medical procedure comprising the removal of inflamed and infected pulp, cleaning root canals and disinfecting them, filling the roots with an inert material and sealing them with a temporary filling, and a post root canal cap.

The root canal procedure also involves removing the blood vessels and tissues around the nerves of the infected tooth.

Over the years, you may require a root canal retreatment. A root canal retreatment is very similar to the original endodontic treatment and is done to clean out the root, blood vessels, and pulp and re-cap the tooth.

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Signs That You May Need a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy can make a difference when maintaining the health of your natural teeth and preventing further infection. 

However, determining whether you need root canal treatment can be a bit harder. If left untreated, an infected tooth can cause harm to your overall health.

Here are some of the symptoms you may experience if you require root canal therapy from a root canal specialist.

  • Mild to severe tooth pain:

    One of the most common symptoms to look for when determining whether you need root canal therapy is tooth pain.

    A toothache is one of the common reasons you need to visit a dentist and it can have multiple different causes.

    A toothache ranging from mild to severe can be a common symptom of a pulp infection that requires removal with a root canal treatment.

  • Sensitivity:

    Tooth pain and sensitivity are two main symptoms to look for.

    The exposure of dentin and pulp layers can lead to sensitivity to several foods and a sign that you need a root canal treatment.

  • Swollen and Tender Gums:

    When you have a tooth infection, you will often experience swollen and tender gums around the infected tooth.

    The swelling and tendering of gums can also indicate that you need to visit dental care to get your teeth checked with x-rays from root canal professionals.

  • Chips or Holes in Teeth

    Another very visible symptom to look for before root canal therapy is a chip or hole in your tooth. While this can be caused by trauma to the tooth, it can also occur when the tooth and pulp are infected, causing pain and breaking down the root.

    If you have a hole in your tooth and are experiencing tooth pain, you should contact a dentist to see about getting a root canal treatment.

Illustration of the six stages of root canal treatment
You may require Root Canal Therapy

Dental infections are serious and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the pulp, root, and nerves in your teeth.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, swelling, or have a hole in your tooth, you may require root canal therapy to repair the root, nerves, and pulp of the tooth.


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