Dental Night Guard and Sports Guard

Dental Night Guard and Sports Guard

Combining preventive care with modern technologies! Tooth Buds Dentistry protects smiles and teeth damage with the best night guard and sports guards

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A dental Night Guard in Orangeville is an oral appliance that a patient diagnosed with bruxism wears during sleep so that the guard can absorb all the clenching and grinding forces. A night guard is intended to protect teeth from grinding and clenching during sleep. Patients with bruxism often complain about jaw pain, jaw muscle stiffness, or limited mouth openings leading to teeth sensitivity or chipped fillings.

A sports mouthguard is an oral appliance used by athletes to protect their teeth from damage due to a physical blow to the face. The custom-made sports guard allows the team to incorporate his team colors, logo, or sign. Tooth Buds Dentistry strives to protect the teeth from damage and so provides custom-made night and sports guards. Contact now for the consultations.

Key differences you need to know

It is not uncommon to confuse the guards. Both are meant to protect the teeth damage but before counting, choosing the right one is essential. Here’s all you need to know

  • Materials:

    Nightguards are fabricated with strong materials to serve their functions, whereas sports guards are made with thick material to protect from being damaged.

  • Prevents the possible damage:

    Both the night and sports guards are meant to avoid potential damage to the teeth. Despite different fabrications, both serve well to protect teeth when preferred with dental expert’s advice.

  • Functioning:

    A night guard stops a patient from teeth grinding or clenching while they sleep, whereas a sports guard protects the smile and teeth while playing.

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