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Our teeth help in the eating, talking, chewing, and smiling process and play a significant role in enhancing the facial structure. But what if a person lost all the teeth? Frightening indeed! That is where the dentures come into the picture. Dentures in Orangeville can fix it all. Tooth Buds offer the complete and partial denture services. Partial dentures replace missing teeth and prevent adjacent teeth from changing the position whereas complete dentures replace all teeth.

Dentures can restore your smile by preventing the shifting of teeth and slow down the bone resorption. Dentures are removable appliances supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues. It’s time to restore your smile and healthy teeth with Tooth Bud Dentistry’s excellent dentures solutions. Acquire highly versatile and customized denture solutions meeting a patient’s specific needs. Contact now to get consultations!

How dentures help edentulous people

Dentures are essential for a person with entirely edentulous arches or missing teeth. Getting dentures to provide the following functional benefits:

  • Eating and chewing:

    Eating and chewing can be the primary function of complete dentures. Dentures help effectively in the biting and chewing process.

  • Speech:

    Along with tongue and palate, our teeth play a crucial role in speech. Dentures help restore speech and enable a person to pronounce words that contain fricatives and sibilants.

  • Aesthetics:

    Teeth play an essential role in the overall facial structure, shape, form, and aesthetics of a person. Missing teeth give a drooping facial framing which is corrected by dentures.

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