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Elegance in the Smile is Promised: Full or Partial Dentures Orangeville

Our natural teeth help in our everyday life with eating, talking, chewing, and smiling and play a significant role in enhancing facial structure and facial muscles. If you experience tooth loss, you may find these daily practices to be a lot more difficult.

If you are someone who is experiencing or has experienced tooth loss, you may be looking for a solution. That is where full or partial dentures come into the picture.

At Tooth Buds Dentistry, our team of dental professionals can fix it all. Tooth Buds offers full and partial dentures to patients who have missing teeth or need teeth removed.

Booking a free consultation with one of our denture professionals will help you better understand which solution is best for you and your teeth.

Types of Denture Solutions

There are a few types of conventional dentures that can be used to replace your teeth. Some of these conventional dentures include partial dentures, immediate dentures, implant-supported dentures, and full dentures.

  • Partial dentures are used when patients still have some of their natural teeth and replace missing teeth to prevent adjacent teeth from changing their position.
    Partial dentures are made of acrylic material and are removable, making them a convenient option for patients who need to replace a few missing teeth.
    If you get partial dentures, they are customized to fit your mouth in order to prevent any movement from the other teeth
  • Immediate dentures are a quicker solution for your smile than a full or partial denture set. When a patient qualifies for immediate dentures, they are often placed on the same day as the tooth extraction. 
  • Implant supported dentures are made to securely support the new dentures. This type of denture is extremely long lasting and is a very solid foundation. 
  • Full or complete dentures replace all the teeth in a patient’s mouth. The dentures sit on top of the gums and are usually placed 8-12 weeks after the natural teeth have been extracted. 

Full dentures and partial dentures can restore your smile by preventing the shifting of teeth and slow down the bone resorption. Full and partial denture solutions are removable appliances supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues.

It’s time to restore your smile and healthy teeth with Tooth Bud Dentistry’s excellent denture solutions. Acquire highly versatile and customized denture solutions meeting a patient’s specific needs.

Contact us now to book a free consultation at our denture clinic and discuss the different types of dentures that can be used to replace your missing teeth.

How Dentures Help Edentulous People

Dentures are essential for a person with entirely edentulous arches or missing teeth. Getting either a partial denture set or a set of full dentures can provide the following functional benefits:

  • Eating and chewing:

    Improving your eating and chewing can be the primary function of a complete set of full dentures. Dentures help effectively in the biting and chewing process and can prevent further damage to your teeth and overall oral health.

  • Speech:

    Along with the tongue and palate, our teeth play a crucial role in speech. If you have missing teeth, you may notice that your speech is negatively affected.
    Full dentures help restore speech and enable a person to pronounce words that contain fricatives and sibilants.

  • Aesthetics:

    Teeth play an essential role in the overall facial structure, shape, form, and aesthetics of a person. Missing teeth give a drooping facial framing which is corrected by dentures.

Orangeville dentist holding partial dentures in hand
Caring For Your Dentures

Placing a full denture set may take several weeks, while immediate or partial dentures may take less time. Either way, it is important to develop a proper denture cleaning solution during and after the full procedure.

Caring for your gums and dentures will ensure that they last a long time and don’t cause further damage.

A good cleaning routine to remove food particles from the gums and teeth will maintain the health and structure of the denture. If you remove your denture set from your mouth, you will want to soak the dentures in room temperature water until you put them back in.

If you’re unsure about how you should clean your dentures, whether you have a full or partial denture set, you can book a free consultation with our team of dental experts at Tooth Buds Dentistry.

With a free consultation, you can learn all about caring for immediate, full, implant supported, and partial dentures and ensuring that your teeth stay healthy after getting dentures.

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